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Wallpaper Is Back In!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 9:57:14 AM America/Phoenix

Wallpaper is back in!  Come check out the newest designer brand wallpapers at Source4Interiors.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015 8:06:02 AM America/Phoenix

Posted By Kevin Sather

Paperbacked Wall Coverings

Sunday, May 17, 2015 6:15:26 AM America/Phoenix

Convert Our Fabric into a Wall Covering

Transform virtually any fabric into a modern wall treatment through Robert Allen's paperbacked program. With a wonderful array of textures, a multitude of vibrant colors and a plethora of prints, the options are endless and installation is as quick and easy as any standard wall covering. Try a bold, geometric print to create an accent wall or a sophisticated woven to add subtle depth and dimension to any space.



"I am so excited to be using Robert Allen/Beacon Hill new fabric backed wallcovering line, at the DC Design House this year. The results are absolutely stunning, it is so easy to use and could not be more pleased with the look and rave reviews so far!"

"The perfect solution for a space where no Wallcovering will do. The slubby grey Robert Allen silk was backed and easily installed. The center hall and grand entry are classically and exquisitely upholstered!


  • Create elegant fabric wall coverings from virtually any fabric.
  • Coordinate upholstery, window treatments, pillows and many other accessories to your fabric wall covering.
  • The fabrics are back laminated with a commercial grade strippable paper or nonwoven engineered for wall covering.
  • Adds substance and body to fabric making installation easier and quicker.
  • No adhesive bleed-through during installation, allowing for professional quality seams.
  • Extra thickness aids in concealing blemishes on wall surfaces.
  • Paperbacked fabrics serve as insulators and acoustical aids.
  • Maintains original color, texture and quality of your fabric.

    Helpful Guidelines For Choosing Appropriate Fabric

    • Must pass UFAC1 and Cal 117 in standard fabric state without the wall covering finish
    • Not recommended for fabrics with horizontal repeats or horizontal stripes
    • Avoid fabrics that must have a precision pattern match of a motif where the seams meet, for example a branch or a tree
    • Avoid patterns that are railroaded
    • Not recommended for loosely woven fabrics
    • Fabric cannot exceed a finished width of 60"
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Veere Grenney, FERNE PARK, FERN001, BLUE

Saturday, May 16, 2015 6:38:02 AM America/Phoenix

Fern 001, Ferne Park Blue is a decorative design with intricate patterning that feels regal yet relaxed.  Collection: Veere Grenney's collection Ferne Park Aqua, Ferne Park Brown, Ferne Park Lilac, Ferne Park Pink, Ferne Park Sage.  Veere Grenney’s exquisite collection of hand-blocked linens epitomizes the designer’s signature talent for mixing classic elements with a contemporary approach to produce thoroughly livable rooms. The sophisticated patterns come in a range of motifs grounded in the traditions of decorating, from subtle plays on geometrics and Greek key patterns to updated variations on florals and stripes. A striking palette of soft, powdery neutrals makes the fabrics distinct enough to stand on their own and subtle enough to layer in with other components. The use of natural linen gives the designs depth and warmth. Woven in English mills and gorgeously hand-blocked, the collection perfectly illustrates Grenney’s maxim that every room should be an expression of harmony, comfort, proportion, and beauty. Since Schumacher was founded in 1889, our family-owned company has been synonymous with style, taste and innovation. Our collections are comprehensive, with an extraordinary range united by a respect for classicism, an eye for the cutting edge, and an unparalleled level of quality. A passion for luxury and an unwavering commitment to beauty are woven into everything we do.  Have a Question or check stock.  FERNE PARK BLUE,  FERN001 Contact us here!  We offer great pricing!  Free Shipping.  Contact us at 480-219-1487.

Posted in Fabrics By Joni Fine

Painted Turtles Aegean, Schumacher Fabrics

Thursday, May 14, 2015 6:43:00 AM America/Phoenix

Schumacher, Painted Turtles Aegean, Collection Name: Steel Magnolias, Schumacher fabrics.  Brand new this week from Schumacher.  A versatile collection of indoor/outdoor fabrics Steel Magnolias.   When artist Elizabeth Dow created Painted Turtles, she was channeling traditional Japanese textile techniques. The painterly creatures that swim across the fabric have the look of batik, while the ground behind is lightly speckled by graphic circles meant to echo sashiko, a time-honored stitching method. Colorways have a dappled subtlety: Aegean is a watery blue; Shell, a light khaki; and Sea Salt, a misty gray. Printed on solution dyed acrylic in Italy, the prints manage to combine a breezy, brushstroke sensibility with lightfast weather resistance that will prettily stand up to all the elements.   The collection includes both woven and prints and beautiful velvets all suitable for outdoor use.   Have a Question,  Painted Turtles, 175890,  need a quote contact us at 480-219-1487.

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Perfect Linens by Schumacher Fabrics

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 6:50:00 AM America/Phoenix

Schumacher fabrics offers this amazing new collection Auden Linens.  Auden is a linen, viscose, and cotton blend woven in Italy with a rich weight and the plush, soft hand of chenille—a staple fabric available in a crayon-box range of shades, from neutrals like Greige and Driftwood to subtle jewel tones like Garnet and Emerald. This weave beautifully contrasts the matte linen/cotton yarns with the reflective quality of the chenille giving even the brightest hues a gently subdued effect. It’s a winning textile that easily coordinates with just about anything. It’s perfect for upholstery, curtains, and any application that calls for a cushy dose of understated luxury.  Have a question, need a quote please visit our schumacher page.  Have a question please contact us here 480-219-1487.



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Ronald Redding Designs

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 6:46:00 AM America/Phoenix

Shop for wallpaper from the Ronald Redding Design Studio.  Ronald Redding Free Shipping and Fast Delivery on all Ronald Redding Wallpapers.  Best Pricing!  Contact Us Here for a Quote!  Ronald Redding one of the most revered and celebrated designers in the wallcovering industry.  Source 4 Interiors Internet Superstore for Designer Wallpapers.   Source 4 Interiors offers the full collection of Ronald Redding Designer Wallcoverings all at the best pricing. Ronald Redding often redefines what is historical and traditional masterfully blending past and present to create modern classics.  Some of the collections: Silver Leaf, Designer Damasks; 18 Karat II; Urban Retreat, Designer Resource Grasscloth and Natural Wallpaper; Sculptured Surfaces III; Houndstooth and Sculptured Surfaces II.  Contact us here 480-219-1487.

Posted in Wallpapers By Joni Fine

Your Guide to Exciting Wallpaper Designs

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 6:54:47 AM America/Phoenix


Wallpaper By Brand:
Finding the right designer wallpaper by brand.    At Source 4 Interiors we offer every major brand of wallpaper in the industry.  Source 4 Interiors is Your #1 Source for designer wallpapers at the LOWEST pricing!

Wallpaper By Style:
It is easy to search our large collection of wallpapers by style.  Find your beautiful patterns in the most vibrant colors.  Whether you need Stripes for your kitchen or Toile for your laundry room or a damask for your living dining room you'll be sure to find the right color.  We have something perfect for every room in your home.

Wallpaper By Color:
Searching by Wallpaper color.   We offer a large variety of wallpapers by color.

When thinking about different wallpaper designs one that comes to my mind is, metallic designs. Metallic wallpaper is very popular, and it is available in a multitude of designs and colors. This style of wallpaper is particularly well suited for use in a modern room. It can be used to cover all of the walls in a room, or it can be showcased on an accent wall. Different metallic wallpapers create different effects on the walls, so when deciding on which metallic wallpaper to include in a room’s design, think about the desired, finished look of the room.

Mylar Mirrored Walpapers
Mylar wallpaper is generally very reflective, and it is extremely shiny. It reflects light into the room in much the same way that a mirror would. While it may be fun to coat the walls of a room in plain Mylar, there are also many derivatives of Mylar that create shimmering effects on a room’s walls. Flocked Mylar brings together the reflective quality of Mylar while pairing it with the soft texture of flocking. Glitter Mylar is also popular, and it creates a rainbow filled shimmer on the walls, because it fractures the light as it bounces off of the wall. Mylar wallpaper can be expensive, but is it also creates a show stopping effect in any room.

Metallic Textured Wallpapers
There are also metallic wallpapers that have textured effects offering expressive tactile and visual presentations. The most common textures are strand, bead or flock surfaces for the wallpaper. The flock surface is very similar to the traditional velvet flock that appears on regular wallpaper, and the only difference is that it has a metallic backdrop. Much like the standard bead wallpaper, beaded metallic wallpaper is striking, and because of the metallic background, it creates an amazing, shimmering look for the beads. The overall effect of the wallpaper is stunning making the slightly higher price of the wallpaper well worth the cost. For a woven texture pattern in a metallic wallpaper, strand metallic wallpaper is the best choice. This type of wallpaper not only adds the depth of texture to the walls, but it also adds the reflective quality of metal. Any of these wallpapers create a show stopping focal point for a room, and when used in small doses, they can be used very effectively as accents for a room.

Iridescence Wallpaper
When looking for a really spectacular metallic application for a modern space, consider using iridescent wallpaper with metallic underpinnings. This paper has a magical sheen to it as it changes colors depending on vantage points. Like a giant bubble floating in the sunlight, the iridescent colors shimmer and shift in the sunlight. This same quality can be applied directly to the walls of any room with iridescent metallic wallpaper. This wallpaper is on the expensive side, but it works well as an accent wall in any room. The unique appearance of this wall application will truly elevate the ambiance of a room.

Incorporating metallic wallpaper into any room gives it a more contemporary vibe. With the constant flow of new designs, texture and styles for metallic wallpaper, some of the newer and more subtle finishes can be successfully included in a traditional room as a stunning accent. Including metallic wallpaper in any room’s design adds a delightfully unexpected design element to the space.

Have a Question Contact us Here! Or call us at 480-219-1487.


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Designer Pick of the Week Elitis Wallcovering

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 6:54:00 AM America/Phoenix

Elitis wallpaper is a High end Boutique designer wallcovering.  Get A Quick Quote, Free Shipping Available!  Elitis Wallpapers at the best pricing. Wonderland Wallcovering;  Samarcande Happy; Garden, Terrace.  Large selection of designer wallpapers.   Call us at 480-219-1487.

Posted in Wallpapers By Joni Fine

York Wallcoverings, Shimmering Topaz

Friday, April 17, 2015 6:57:36 AM America/Phoenix

Source 4 Interiors offers the brand new collection Shimmering Topaz from York wallcoverings.  Free Shipping and Fast Delivery.  This newest collection Shimmering Topaz  Offers a wide variety of wallpapers.   EM3808, EM3809, EM3810, EM3811, EM3812, EM3814, EM38.

Here are some of the brands from the York Series of books: Ashford House, Antonina Vella, Carey Lind Designs, Georgetown Designs, Inspired By Color, J. Chesterfield Studio, Park Place Studio, Ronald Redding Designs, Ronald Redding Contract, Sure Strip, The Carlisle Company, Three Sisters Studio, Waverly, West Wind Designs, York, RoomMates, York Designer Series, Candice Olson, Koessel Studios Handcrafted, Stacy Garcia, Walt Disney Signature, EXCLUSIVE EXPORT BRANDS - *American Living, *Fifth Avenue Design, *American Portfolio, *La Can Touch, *Harvest Home

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