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Natural Woven Wallpapers

July 23, 2016

Taking inspiration from the woven baskets of the islands, a diamond pattern comes together in two colors of paper for a tribal collection with a refined twist. Inspired by the look of the handwoven rugs and fabric found in marketplaces of the world. Hand printed by artisans on a selection of handcrafted natural wallcoverings - it's a unique play on pattern and texture. Call it the new natural - strips of authentic banana bark awash in chic neutral tones, some with pearlized finishes, are hand laid by artisans in a multistep process for a new take on organic texture. Request A Quick Quote Here! 480-219-1487

Thibaut Design Fabrics & Wallpapers

July 22, 2016

Thibaut Design Collections

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Venture to a place where treasures await at every turn in the Caravan collection. Classically inspired designs and worldly motifs are enlivened with a fresh and adventurous color palette. This energizing collection of coordinating wallpaper, print and woven fabrics is full of surprising shapes and movement that embrace traditional design. Thibaut continues to embrace the leading graphic trend with Geometric Resource 2. Complementing the existing family of geometrics, this new collection of wallpaper encompasses fun and lively patterns that range from modern trellises to simulated studs and animal prints. Special techniques such as flock, beads and printed grasscloth are combined with clean and textural printing methods. Color offerings range from a heavy supply of neutrals to fresh and bright, satisfying palettes. Thibaut's Limited Edition Collection, Monterey, offers a variety of fresh patterns with a bohemian vibe. Strong yet comfortable colors ranging from vibrant coral to peacock blue round out this unique wallpaper and fabric collection. Versatile patterns flexibly coordinate to create a collection that has a hip new take on traditional style. Welcome a new interpretation of chinoiserie in the Enchantment Collection. With an eastern influence, this fresh collection of coordinating wallpaper, embroidery, print and woven fabrics pays homage to traditional European artistic styles. Modern design elements mimic fashionable chinoiserie compositions like scenics, fretwork and delicate florals.

Get In Line!

July 22, 2016

Our Great Designer's Pick of the Day is a look at some great vertical and horizontal patterns in this great collection of the latest fabrics & wallpapers. Have a question or need some assistance. Call us at 480-219-1487.

Caravan Collection, Thibaut Fabrics & Wallpapers

July 20, 2016

Thibaut Design is the oldest wallpaper company in the country. A producer of top quality wall coverings, they have also created the finest print and upholstery fabrics. Their style ranges from the historic to the neoteric. Thibaut has expert comprehension of an ever changing marketplace. They offer designer wallpapers at the best pricing!

The Caravan Collection is the newest from Thibaut. Inspired by old world themes, it is a collection of wallpapers, prints and woven fabrics. Its bold colors are exciting to the senses. Some patterns are wonderfully geometric while others are exquisitely intricate.

The stand out pattern in the Caravan Collection has to be the Janta Bazaar. A delightfully tropical design with six colorways. A pair of birds sit atop this graphical design creating an asymmetrical focal point. The abstract foliage provides an imaginative background. In its entirety, Janta Bazaar resembles an impressionist’s painting.

The boldest of the six offerings would be JANTA BAZAAR, T64161, RED and JANTA BAZAAR, T64162, CITRON GREEN. The RED is striking for that room that needs a lift. This particular palette catapults one to a remote Pacific island. The GREEN has a subtle yellow tint making it bright and refreshing. Both color palettes are typically Thibaut, brazen and undaunted in the face of convention. The more subdued in this pattern is JANTA BAZAAR, T64157, CHARCOAL. It’s more of a taupe background with a grayish tint which allows the aqua and white to pop. JANTA BAZAAR, T64160, BRIGHTS has a creamy background which is ideal for that neutral design. JANTA BAZAAR, T64159, FLAX is similar to BRIGHTS but utilizes darker hues in the leaves of the trees. Its background is also slightly darker. All of these designs are offered in wallpaper and fabrics.

The Caravan Collection from Thibaut is an incredible collection. Its decorative pieces are able to do double duty making it versatile as well as desirable. Source4Interiors offers the full line of Thibaut fabrics & wallpapers. Need Pricing please contact us at 480-219-1487 we will be happy to provide you with a Quick Quote.

Scalamandre Fabrics

July 20, 2016

Designers Pick of the week, Salamander fabrics and wallpapers all at the best pricing. Check out our large selection of items.
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The Shade Shop, Kravet Fabrics

July 19, 2016

See what is new at Kravet custom window treatments, blinds and draperies and roman shades. The Shade Shop, if you need some new shades contact Source4Interiors we will be happy to assist you with any order or questions you might have. 480-219-1487.

Kravet teamed up with The Shade Store to bring the company’s custom shades, blinds and draperies to Kravet customers as a shop-in-shop in eight Kravet showrooms in 2016.

The Shade Store at Kravet gives customers access to its complete offering, which includes all categories of custom window treatments. Each location will be staffed with window treatment design experts from The Shade Store to assist Kravet customers who are looking to create custom Roman Shades, Drapery and Cornices using stocked materials and any Kravet fabric. Customers will also have access to the complete offering of The Shade Store materials. The Shade Store shop-in-shops will offer the trade exclusive discounts and nationwide measure and installation services.

With this new initiative, Kravet is able to provide its customers with the ease of one-stop shopping for high-quality window treatments from the experts at The Shade Store using the very best fabrics – all without having to leave the Kravet showroom. Call us for any questions or quotes you might need. 480-219-1487.

Tobi Farley fabrics

July 19, 2016

Tobi Fairley for Duralee Fabrics

For sixty years Duralee fabrics has been creating fresh, new styles to fit the ever changing design world. They continue to balance the contemporary with the classic giving us collections to fit any style. In terms of a company philosophy, Duralee Fabrics is committed to discovering and developing new design talent to preserve its legacy.

Tobi Fairley started a design firm fifteen years ago. In an effort to offer more than just interior design services, she also provides education and mentoring to other growing companies. Tobi Fairley strives to assist her contemporaries in the design community by providing the resources they need to be successful. Her design style consists of bright colors and bold patterns.

Introducing the latest designer collection from Tobi Fairley for Duralee Fabrics. This collection epitomizes her audacious, modern style. The first thing that jumps out is the hand drawn quality of the prints. The animal illustrations are realistic with a just touch of the abstract. This designer drapery fabric is clearly born of a wondrous imagination. Continuing the illustrated theme, the floral prints display real artistry deserving of any fine art gallery. There is a woven upholstery fabric that simulates wood which is quite convincing. Of course this plush textile comes in an array of color combinations.

Speaking of color, this collection has the most daring amalgamation of colors. A particular design with a lighter pattern contrasted against a darker background is the most distinctive in the collection. A close second in the effort to distinguish itself would have to be the stripes. Textured and distressed, this multicolored upholstery fabric is the epitome of the modern designer’s aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a designer with an innovative perspective who has an altruistic company philosophy Tobi Fairley for Duralee Fabrics fits the bill. Source 4 Interiors can answer any questions you might have on the Tobi Fairley Collection. You can contact our Designer Desk at 480-219-1487.

Island Time, Schumacher Fabrics

July 19, 2016

Take a look inside this months House Beautiful they show the newest collection from Schumacher. Here is a peek inside to see the newest patterns below...

Color Library Multi Purpose, Robert Allen Fabrics

July 18, 2016

Robert Allen was one of the first companies to distribute fabric books. They also have a tradition for cataloging fabrics by color. Their color libraries are celebrated throughout the fabric design community.

There is a new Color Library Multi Purpose collection with a different look than its predecessors. It has an old-world design perspective. There are intricate patterns such as ikats with bright colors that really pop. These are accompanied by a decorative African-esque design in a contrasting cream and black.

The majority of the collection is filled with geometric designs stunningly detailed. Atypically complex, they sport shapes within shapes. Not to be outdone, squares, diamonds and circles all make an appearance as well. The paisleys are one of a kind to say the least. Bold and gorgeous they almost dare you to not notice them.

The florals introduce a refreshing femininity. Some are understated in a simple outline while others are created in a watercolor aesthetic. A surprising diversion would have to be the chambray. Not the typical sort you would normally see but a frankly more interesting take with multiple alternating stripes.

These daring designs are well balanced with the classics as well. Mint gingham, blue pinstripe and traditional stripes all have made the grade among this new direction for the color book. Texture has not been lost here either. A pewter sheen fabric introduces elegance while the embroidered patterns are represented with style.

The colors are extraordinary going well beyond the simple or stock. This collection boasts pantones you’d be hard pressed to find in any other fabric book. The pinks are eye-opening and vibrant while the reds are deep and rich. There is every shade of blue you can possibly imagine, from the traditional cobalt to the more muted varieties.

You could pour over this collection for hours and still want to see more. If you can’t find it in this collection, it probably doesn’t exist anywhere. Contact Source 4 Interiors soon to take advantage of the innovative Color Library Multi Purpose collection. Have a question call us at 480-219-1487.

701 Decorative Sheers III, Robert Allen Fabrics

July 18, 2016

Are you looking for that last piece to complete your project? Decorative sheer might be what you need. Robert Allen Contract has a new collection called 701 Decorative Sheers III. Inspired from home decor this contract design is inviting and cozy. An urbane assortment of textiles drawing from African styles.

As window treatments go these are wonderfully diverse. Some are more sheer than others expressing an almost transparent quality. In one case, the fibers are randomly arranged like circular strands of coarse hair fixed in a vertical chorus. Thicker variations are crisp and solid with raised, discernable patterns. Another fabric with a heavier weight is dramatically organic with contrasting hues. There is a particular floral design that at first would seem out of place. However, its three-dimensional, monochromatic characteristic makes it an appropriate deviation.

The colors in this collection are even more diverse. There are the expected blues, browns and grays with creams thrown in for good measure. Pale pink splashes its way through giving us a pleasant surprise. Shimmering golds and silvers also make elegant accents. While some patterns seem painted on with a multicolored brush, others are tightly geometric. An added bonus would have to be the exotic theme just present enough to make it endearing.

Drapery fabrics can be an integral part of any space planning. They can have a significant affect on the overall design. With the 701 Decorative Sheers III collection you can put your mind at ease. These decorative fabrics can be used in a variety of ways to bring style and sophistication to any project. Source4Interiors carries the full line of Robert Allen. Have a Question call us at 480-219-1487.

Solid Textures IV, Robert Allen Fabrics

July 17, 2016

Robert Allen has been the gold standard in residential as well as hospitality designer fabrics for three quarters of a century. The company built its reputation by delivering prime fabrics with world class service. They continue their commitment to excellence with every passing year.

To bolster its basic fabric line, Robert Allen has launched a new collection. Solid Textures IV is a bevy of durable fabrics. It is reminiscent of hand-woven textiles from around the world. Knotty wools are abundant satisfying the collection’s rustic nature. The linens are interwoven with complementary shades giving them visual appeal. There aren’t many patterned fabrics but the few that do exist are intricately detailed and exquisite. There is a striated blue design which also may be considered a pattern.

Their prowess with color is expressed through a multitude of tones and hues. Such relevant colors include a dizzying array of blues, browns and grays. There is a rich onyx that is delightfully stark set among the muted shades. Several fabrics of dark blue, rich turquoise and sandstone are finely speckled with contrasting tones for variety.

In keeping with the expectations for the contract industry, these fabrics are durable and perform well under continual use. The sturdy fibers make the fabric highly functional while at the same time are stylish and decorative.

If you are looking for that go-to fabric, this collection would without a doubt have one. Possessing an endless variety of colors and textures you will certainly find something for your upholstery, drapery, or accessory application. Confidently, Source 4 Interiors can suggest Solid Textures IV for any project. Have a question need a quote contact us at 480-219-1487.

Luxe Natural Upholstery Fabrics

July 17, 2016

Introducing the latest brilliance from Robert Allen Contract. Luxe Natural Upholstery celebrates the purity of natural metals and ceramics. Elemental designs chart the course for this adventurous anthology. A rugged elegance aptly describes these patterns and colors. With a highly texturized quality, they are sure to evoke a sense of fresh hewn wood or hammered metal. There are also some unique animal prints featured here. Stylized yet recognizable, they are an intuitive addition to this collection.

These upholstery fabrics utilize a darker palette affirming the subtle but definitive masculine feel. The steel grays and woody browns would provide a contemporary backdrop for any space. Rust and taupe appear from time to time completing the organic design. A swirling shimmer here, a reflective coating there, they masquerade as deceptively delicate. Conversely, these designer fabrics are as durable as the rugged surfaces they aspire to.

Jagged lines and stippled squares create exciting visual interest. As decorative fabrics they are dually textured for tactile discovery. Even still, there is a lavish aspect that comes across in the fibers.

Graphic geometry is another remarkable theme among these designs. Triangles, circles and diamonds have all found a home in this collection. Slightly whimsical at times but staying true to its raw and natural theme. The classic stripe can be spotted as well but with an irregular outline acclimating them to this modern motif.

A collection worthy of more than a passing glance, these durable fabrics will serve any space well. The occasional visitor or even a flood of regulars will not be able to diminish these upholstery fabrics’ luxurious appointments. They will most certainly stand the test of time providing comfort for all.

Luxe Natural Upholstery will undoubtedly be one of those recurring recommendations from Source 4 Interiors. Be sure to take a look as soon as you can.