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5001061 | Chiang Mai Dragon | Lacquer

August 10, 2014

One of Schumacher's best-loved designs, Chiang Mai Dragon was originally derived from an exuberant 1920's Art Deco era block print.

5001060 Aquamarine | Schumacher Wallpapers

August 9, 2014

Brett Design Wallpapers

August 9, 2014

Designer decorative wallpapers with designs like flowers, knits, quilts, skins and woodgrain.

Timothy Corrigan | Furniture

August 8, 2014

Form gorgeously follows function in Timothy Corrigan's debut line of furniture exclusively for Schumacher, a finely tuned collection in sophisticated shapes, materials, and finishes that sacrifice nothing for style.

Mulberry Home | Designer Fabrics & Trimmings

August 7, 2014

Mulberry Home fabrics is the choice of many Interior Decorators and Architects.

Ellerby 40-445-Q |Duralee Beds & Headboards

August 6, 2014

Duralee is now offering a full line of beautiful beds and headboards.

Verdanta Fabrics Osborne & Little Fabrics

July 12, 2014


July 11, 2014

Silk Jacquard & Embroideries employs smaller motifs that can be used in supporting roles to Floating World’s bold focal fabrics.

Modern Archieve Prints Collection

July 11, 2014

Robert Allen and New York-based design house DwellStudio celebrates design’s heyday captured within the pages of legendary shelter magazines from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.

Schumacher Fabrics- Spring 2014 Collection

July 10, 2014

Three of Schumacher's most iconic prints gain a whole new level of allure with fresh colorways that update their palettes and further broaden their appeal.

Carole Fabrics- Cambria Collection

July 9, 2014