Solstice Sunny Style

Oct 2, 2018 7:56:00 PM

Solstice Collection adds a pop of color to your walls with the new pattern Sol.  Indigo Tribal-style medallions burst against a pearly, white background.  Flecks of mica and raised inks add a touch of elegance to this bohemian style look.  Embrace the peak of summer with the Solstice wallpaper collection. The calm crashing of waves meets a fiery sky. Relaxation and jubilation combine in the newest collection from A-Street Prints. Pops of color in the form of coral, turquoise, ochre, and green mimic the vibrancy of nature. Classic prints with a modern twist from shibori to wave motifs to florals are featured in the collection, all with an eclectic twist. These prints bring a carefree, relaxed feeling to the walls, like sipping a fruity beverage under a tropical cabana.Step into the sunny side of life with the Solstice collection.   See the Sample of collections below they are fun patterns bright and cheery.


Laguna is Breathtaking and unique, this wallpaper features a stunning array of painterly plates that will add instant charm to any room.


Lido is A bold, Spanish inspired geometric wallpaper that features a striking 3D illustration.