Old World Weavers Fabric

Old World Weavers Fabric

Old World Weavers Fabrics is one of the most respected textile firms in the industry because of their precise and detailed fabric restoration and replication. In 1950, after traveling the world with her husband, Iris Apfel, the founder of Old World Weavers, put to life her overseas inspiration in fabric, resulting in the conception of Old World Weavers. Known for their calm and elegant designs, the Old World Weavers collection has always strived to elevate even the most standard look and style. Their florals stand out for their painterly flow and their graphic prints are eye-catching in their simplicity. The Old World Weavers Fabrics collections have been used in projects in the White House over the course of nine presidencies.Before branching into the world of fashion, Iris Apfel originally made her mark in the interiors industry as an interior designer and textile creator. Iris retired in 1992 and subsequently, Old WorldWeavers was sold to Stark. Despite her departure, many of Iris’ designs remain in popular demand and have stayed in Stark’s collection. Iris Apfel’s personal style has cemented her as a cult icon in the fashion and design community, and her legacy still endures in Old World Weavers through Stark.

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Old World Weavers Fabrics

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